Casey & Karla Ledbetter


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I don’t really know where to begin, so I will go chronologically. My wife and I met in swimming competitions on the same team. We both grew up in very small towns (around 200-300 people in said towns), and in order to compete as children in any sport we had to combine many small towns to have enough participants to make up a team. We swam together as children, but we were from different towns, Fast forward two decades and we found each other again and have lived happily ever after. My name is Casey Ledbetter and after graduating high school I went to EWU where I got a B.S. in Biology and a minor in chemistry. I hated every job it afforded me and decided to follow the family trade as

website_image_casey_karla-0001being a lineman (the kind that works on power lines not the football sort.) I am a fourth generation journeyman lineman and now work at a utility in Kennewick after 9 years working outside construction. My wife, Karla is a hair stylist and has been for 12 years. Her career choices were either auto body or cosmetology. Her knowledge of the world and her abilities never cease to amaze me. She website_image_casey_karla-0004is well versed in what she does and I am proud of who she is. I got my first tattoo when I was 18, it was a biohazard symbol on my right shoulder that I thought was clever as I was a biochemist in study. After that, I was addicted. I started traveling nationwide after college and collected tattoos while working on high voltage power lines in over 20 states. What I didn’t know, was 90% of tattoo artist are terrible and a lot of my work was too. I finally found a great artist, Jesse Walsh at Short Bus Tattoo (had to give a shout out) in West Richland who does all of my work and fixed all of my worst. I have somewhere in the vicinity of 120 hours under the gun and more to come. Karla started website_image_casey_karla-0003small as well with a rose on her pelvic area and has now covered most of the small of her back and ribs on her right side (she is way tougher than I am). She has sat through 40-60 hours of needlework. She got her ribs and feet done while we were together, but it was never my idea… I swear. She is the love of my life and never judged me for the way I look, and I never her. We have been together for 6 years and married for 2. We got Married in Hawaii at her dream location and to the point of this book and its author is that we are both loving and caring people who care for each other, our families and our friends and will always live our lives that there is nothing more interesting than today.