Chrissi Melton


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Born in 1979 I was raised on a ranch in San Jose, Ca for the next 9 yrs. My father was a biker, and we spent all r time riding the Harley. With many amazing destinations to explore, the people I was able to be around were the most unique, free spirited, leather attire and tattooed up individuals. The only tattoo my father had was an eagle. This symbol was deeply powerful to him, and very empowering to me. Moving to Spokane in 1988 I grew up on the lower south hill. I had a love for poetry, art, and the most inspiring motivation to music. At 15 I rebelled repetitively. Besides the fighting at home, the abuse that followed, I would do anything to escape. Writing and exposing my expressions became my mission. Going thru phases, wearing what makes people look twice, I loved the reaction, the Attention, the difference in people who were intrigued and who were disgusted. Before 18, I had many piercings. I would hang chains from my nose to my ear, my elbow had a safety pin thru it. My eyebrow, a loop, my belly button, lip, etc. Pain was no issue, I had enough on the inside that a poke on the outside was harmless, and worth it.

website_image_c_m-0001My 18th birthday I got my first tattoo of roses around my wrist. This covered a home done ink job. Painful as hell, it wasn’t long before my next tattoo of roses and tribal hit my shoulder. I knew I wanted the next one to symbolize my father and I riding. So I got barb wire that ended in vines with a Harley symbol in the middle, the letters H.D. in the center, and wings rising above. Soon after I continued with the next powerful meaning. I got an eagle on my back, added scenery, and from there realized how much more personalized the next ones would be. I either drew my own, or my artist drew mine free hand. Symbols, meanings, experiences, explanations all became a necessity to me. I wear the meaning of word’s easy to read, two symbols requiring courage to be read.

My most recognized collage so far is my lion, lamb, water, a bull, eyes and wings above it. Many people (older) approach me in a way that connects them to religion. The lion and lamb in relation to Jesus. This is no where close to the true meaning, how ever, I always thank them 4 the compliment. Knowing how sacred the meanings r, unless I’m asked, why should I tell.

website_image_c_m-0004My latest art work displays inspiring words like Family, living life, stay strong, and believe. People who glance know nothing, just that I’m an ink ball. Others tattooed approach with respectable interest. I have encountered the most circled personalities or people over time. I posses an inner passion so innocent, my only promise my soul makes civil is to never judge, or be bothered by who judges me.

I have been faced with head on parental discretion ever since I started coaching sports 6 years ago. I was approached like a bad influence, a trouble maker. Truth be told, I’m a loving mother of 3 with a heart of gold.

My kids know their zodiac symbols are tattooed on me. In fact they are excited to show their friends and explain are family collage on my arm. Even at their school I volunteer at, I always get the cool mom award. Tattoos or not. Kids press judgement to gain knowledge. Adults let judgement press their only resources, recognition of their 1st impression.

People who make it obvious to avoid interaction with a tattooed person is missing an open opportunity of priceless reasoning thru conversation.

website_image_c_m-0003My name is Chrissi, I am 34 years old. Im a mother of 3. I work at FedEx. I draw, write, do photography, coach sports, hunt, hike, would do anything to help another. I will continue to b creative through self expression. I have no regrets on any tattoos. Even my dragon around my belly button that has changed its formation over 3 pregnancies.

My personality contains an open heart. Despite my tattoos, I’m an original or my own kind, and I’m proud of who I am.