David Ballard (Bones)


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I am living my life on my terms. I neither have nor make excuses about my life. My past is not a perfect one. I made choices that were not always the best ones. I have chosen now to live my life clean and sober. I have only a few regrets that have to do with the time I had with my children. I wish I would have enjoyed more time with them!


website_image_inked_d_b-0002I have been a motorcycle rider most of my life. I have ridden with the A.M.A type’s and ridden with those who live life by the rules that pertain to them. Most of the people have been respected by me and have shown respect to me. That is the way it should be in all walks of life. Even though some do not live by any code of conduct. Except for what benefits them.


I have been working continuously since I was 16. I have had a few jobs that have lasted for a long time and I have had jobs that have only lasted a couple of years. Some good,some worse. Some I really loved.  I earned a college degree at the age of 55.  I am currently working as a Elementary school custodian. I do love the innocence of the children. They are so enlightening at this age. I am happily married to a wonderful and patient woman who I love dearly.


I have been getting Tatt’s for quite a some time. Most of them have to do with my life as it has happened and quite a bit of SI-FI. Which I am very much into. Tattoo’s are a personal thing. They do not make you anything other than what you are.