Donnell Barlow


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I was born, raised and still am currently residing in my hometown Spokane Washington. I have almost moved a few times, but I do actually love it here. It’s cheap so you can travel a lot, we get all four seasons and the residents are friendly.

At the age of 7yrs my mother passed away from pancreatic cancer, so my dad raised my from then on as a single father. I have a Native American princess on my thigh dedicated to her. I was a tomboy growing up, playing all the team sports and being really active. It was hard not having a mother figure in my life but my dad was a real loving and patient man. At the age of 17yrs my sister passed away from breast cancer, we were extremely close. My chest piece is memorial tattoo in honor of her; the original art is a famous Mucha painting.

After high school I decided to enroll in cosmetology school, I had always admired the creativity and self-expression of the industry. It became my passion right away, been in the industry for 14 yrs. and I still love it to this day. I love my clients and the connections and relationships we form over the years. It is also a career that accepts heavily tattooed people, and I knew that would be me.

During my early 20’s I became passionate about health and fitness and over the next decade that passion just grew and grew. I was always reading health books and trying different ways of achieving my optimum overall health. Finally I decided to take some real action. I graduated from a holistic nutrition school last year, so now I am a certified health coach. I help my clients find a diet that is a lifestyle plan that best suits their needs, as well as achieving overall balance in other aspects of their life. I also teach spin and yoga every week, as well as doing hair. I really love having the balance of all my career choices and I get to help my clients in all different aspects of their lives.

I have run marathons and love to compete in difficult obstacle races, I rarely see heavily tattooed ladies out there competing in these events, and so I really like breaking that stigma. I surprise a lot of people with my personality, hobbies and passions; the tattoos are just a part of who I am.

My Native American culture is a big influence in my life, I am registered as an Ottawa but most of my bloodline is Yurok, I grew up fancy dancing at POW wows up through high school. I am very proud of my culture and I have dedicated my entire right let to all Northwest Coastal Indian art, I am keeping it as traditional as possible. I strive to represent the Native people with pride and class as well as the heavily tattooed woman.

I am just like you I am human; I make mistakes, feel pain, judgment, love and everything in between. I am a spiritual person and I believe we are all connected to each other; I strive to accept others even if they don’t accept me. The only way for things to progress is to be willing to be the bigger person and show love regardless , the opposite of love is not hate it’s fear.