Hannah Rubles


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Hannah Ruble


I’ve work all sorts of jobs from call centers, to retail, and the food industry. At this moment in time I’m currently a bartender out at the airport.  Within the past few jobs there has been no rules against having my tattoos visible.

As of lately when I’m not working i am working on my home that I purchased last year.

I was born and raised within the Spokane area my entire life. My parents separated when I was still young and the fascination of tattoos came around shortly thereafter. At 18 I moved out on my own and since then have remained that way.

My first tattoo is a memorial koi to a dear friend that committed suicide. And from that moment on I knew my body was a giant canvas that I want to cover with memories and inspiration.  No one in my immediate has any. So the discovery of my little koi was a shock, but a warm up to what was coming. The koi grew into a Hawaiian themed sleeve in honor of my father, mother and grandmother. There are 2 smaller tattoos on my body that commemorate moments in time shared with friends. Across my entire backside is a giant Phoenix. The great bird always rises from the ashes and reminds me every day that no matter what happens I will come out stronger.