Jackie Corey


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website_image_jackie_corey-0003My name is Jacqueline, however everyone knows me as Jackie, that’s me sweet and simple. I grew up in a small humble household including my mom dad and me. Family has always been the biggest part of my life. Both my family and friends always come first in my book, and are always on my mind. I grew up in the SUNNY state of California, in the not so sunny area of Big Bear. We get a heck of a lot of snow up there at 8,000 feet, but beauty that is unimaginable until you have been there. I was always outside growing up…. Causing mischief, being a kid, and LOVIN LIFE. My love for the outdoors shaped me into who I am, and helped me choose my career path. Believe it or not I am going on my first full year of being an archaeologist. YES, and archaeologist, and no… not like Indiana Jones. I get website_image_jackie_corey-0002
to enjoy working outside sometimes in the dirt, other times in the forest. It is a dream come true. My tattoos are very much a part of me and my artistic style. Although I lead an website_image_jackie_corey-0001exciting professional life, there isn’t anything that will keep me from adding my artwork to my body. My tattoos represent family and my passions in life. My feather has the meaning that “birds of a feather, don’t flock together”. Although I come from a close group or friends and family all over the world, even when we are not together… they are on my mind. My other tattoo represents my love for skulls; each skull represents a member of my family, and my passion for archaeology. In the world we live in today, being edgy and professional can go hand in hand… and I feel so fortunate to live in a website_image_jackie_corey-0004time where I can express my art on my own living canvas.