Jerome Barrett


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A little about me…  I have been in real estate for 7 years in Spokane, working mainly with sellers in the area.  I was a chef after high school, and basically got my first tattoo the day I turned 18.  To be honest, the first 2-3 years of real estate I hid my tattoos, and kind of hid who I was.  I didn’t want anyone to think I wasn’t professional because I have tattoos.  Tattoos have always been part of who I am.  I fell right into the culture of tattooing, and the art that is behind it.  I wear a suit everyday and am truly good at what I do.   I don’t hide the tattoos anymore.  Clients know I have tattoos, and respect that its part of me.  They know that some ink on my body doesn’t detract from what I do for a living.

website_image_inked_j_b-0002One of my biggest tattoos, both in size and meaning, is a poem I wrote for my dad who died on my 12th birthday.  It’s a bit of a contradiction, as he was not a fan of tattoos, and yet I felt the best way to show the world how much someone means to you is to put it on you; to live with it forever.  I have multiple website_image_inked_j_b-0003memorial tattoos; I got a pirate ship for an uncle who passed, he really took on the father role after my dad died.  Another tattoo I am truly proud of is my “mom” tattoo….old school Americana….she is an amazing woman who sacrificed so much for my sister and I growing up.  The art of tattooing is an amazing form…. Your medium is always changing, always moving.  The longer I live with my tattoos, the more they become part of who I am….