Julie Sanborn


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My name is Julie, I’m 41 and I’ve been married for 21 years to my firefighter husband Jeff. We have a 9 year old daughter who we adore! I’ve worked in the dental field for 17 years and have a degree in healthcare administration. We have two cats and two dogs.

We volunteer as a family at dachshund rescue NW. They have rehomed over 1000 dachshunds since 1991. We give our time helping to socialize and train the dogs, as well as donate items and funds. We often donate to charity appeals that involve animals and children. Money to buy hay for rescue horses, food and or litter for shelter cats, school supplies for children in need.

website_image_j_s-0002I recycle, buy organic and free range, and only use cruelty free beauty and cleaning products for myself, my home and family. I love helping my friends, and family and people in need.

I got my first tattoo at 23, it’s a small gerber¬† daisy, my favorite flowers. All of my tattoos have flowers, like gardening, one of my favorite things. They are so beautiful, symmetrical, colorful, the smell… Perfect in every way.

My third tattoo is our daughters name with a small pink daisy.

website_image_j_s-0003My half sleeve has a peony on the shoulder , my husbands favorite flower.That’s how it started out, just a small piece, then I got our wedding date. No I won’t regret that no matter what happens. I’ve spent more of my life with him than without him. We’ve had many wonderful adventures, driving across country twice, living in England and traveling Europe for 5 years, our daughter, and he’s my best friend. These aren’t things I care to forget.

I love all my tattoos, they are quality pieces of art and I get compliments every time I’m out! It makes me glad I did my research on my artists and didn’t worry about the price. I don’t think I will ever be done getting tattooed. I find them beautiful and I think they enhance website_image_j_s-0004the way I look and maybe makes me seem a bit tougher than I am ! I’m not worried about what they will look like when I’m old either. If I live that long I will have more important things to worry about I’m sure.¬† That seems to be peoples biggest question or concern when they ask me about my tattoos , I tell them I’m not worried.