Ken & Vicki Sax


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Subject A (Ken) worked his way thru college as a pilot.  After graduating college he became a real estate professional focusing in the sales and leasing of commercial property throughout CA.  During the turn of the economy, he focused on repossessing distressed commercial properties, making them

website_image_ken_vicki-0002profitable, then selling them.  Eventually he and wife relocated to the Inland Northwest as they were looking for a change of pace and a different environment to raise children.  He owns a successful real estate team and heads up one of the largest and most successful real estate companies in the Northwest.  They ultimately adopted two special needs orphans from China who at the time of writing this, their boy is enjoying wrestling and will soon begin baseball.  Their daughter is in her second year of piano and will soon start competitive swimming.  His love for family, the outdoors, and animals is very apparent once you meet him.  Other activities include boxing, basketball, camping and reading.  His tattoos are all Asian based…his favorite being on his chest.  The monkey is his Chinese sign while his kids are roosters.  The Chinese characters engraved in the branch is “Ba Ba” which means “father” which is what his kids still call him today.

website_image_ken_vicki-0003My name is Vicki. I am the first person in my entire family (many generations) that has graduated college. I worked at a major grocery chain for many years to pay my way through college. I received my Bachelor’s degree in education and my Master’s degree in Early Education with a minor in Educational Administration and most recently earned National Board Certification in early childhood literacy. I taught for several years in a couple of elementary schools in California before deciding to relocate to Washington with my husband. I taught for a few years here in Spokane before I became a literacy coach where I provided professional development for teachers and provided intervention for at-risk students in reading and writing. I grew up in a loving family with both of my loving parents who were married for 25 years until my mom passed away. I grew up as an extremely “goodie good” who always earned great grades as well as honors. I never dreamed of getting a tattoo until one day my husband said, “I would think it would be so sexy if you got a tattoo!” At the age of 31 I got my first tattoo in remembrance of my mom…yes, it is the typical “first tattoo” of a butterfly…very small but hidden where only my husband would see. I am not quite sure how it happened, but the old saying that “tattoos are addictive” is oh so true! I now have a tattoo that starts on the front side of my shoulder and goes up and over my shoulder all the way down to only a few inches above my knee. All my my tattoos have an Asian look to them: Chinese roosters (the year my children were born); cherry blossoms, a peacock, and a tiger to represent my husband who I loving call “Tiger.” I am currently a reading intervention teacher at a Title school where I get the opportunity to help children who are struggling learners improve their reading and writing skills. My heart and passion lie with working with children in low income areas whose home lives are full of heart ache.

Well…that’s me!