Lesly Chapman


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Lesly Chapman 28 years old.

Deli Manager at Grocery Store

I don’t really have any hobbies I draw a little and play video games but mostly I play with my daughter.

I grew up in Cheney, Washington with my Mom, Dad and older sister. My favorite thing to do she I was a Kid was play super NES with Smith my sister. I am married to my wonderful husband Daylen Chapman. We have a daughter she is 2 and will be 3 next month.

I don’t find myself talented or unique in anyway LOL.

website_image_lesly_chapman-0002I got my first tattoo when I was 19 it was a butterfly. I now have 9. All but three of my tattoos have something to do with Japanese culture. One I have is a cupcake my sister has a matching one on her neck but the frosting is pink. The one on my right shoulder is my daughter’s name and the symbol from the book it came from (Star Wars).

I love the Japanese culture and anime. The one on my back is from an anime. I guess I’m just a big nerd Lol but I like that about myself. I am not afraid of who I am.