Lydia Ferrel


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My name is Lydia Ferrell.  I grew up all over the world because my Dad was in the Air Force. I’ve been residing in Washington for the last eight year and have learned to call it home. I got my first tattoo at age 19, which were stars on the top of both feet which I had covered up this year. They didn’t fit me as a person anymore. I  had the chance to get a tattoo at 16 when my dad got his first and only tattoo. I’m glad my mom stepped in and said “over my dead body will you get a tattoo and live in my house.” I was

website_image_lydia_ferrel-0003young and had no idea of how permanent a tattoo was. Everyone always ask me to pick my favorite tattoo, this is something I have a hard time doing. I love all of my tattoos they are a part of who I am. Two of the most meaningful tattoos are my kokeshi dolls and my roses on my chest. The  kokeshi dolls I got with my little sister after we had a falling out and didn’t speak to one another for a year.  My sister is a huge apart of my life. She just moved away recently and I feel she is still close by with having this tattoo. We lived in Japan for four years and I website_image_lydia_ferrel-0002loved it. My roses on my chest I got after my boyfriend and best friend Jeff killed himself. He called me his “purple guardian”, the last flowers he had given me were purple roses when I was sick. It was my way of carrying him around on my heart and chest for years to come. One of my favorite tattoos is the Greek Goddess Athena, she is gorgeous and has the wisdom and strength I try and have in my everyday life.  There is a negative side at times to having so many tattoos. Not only do people stare at you like a side show freak but they say things like “what are you going to do when you’re old?” I just reply with I guess I will be one colorful grandma. I have had people point and talk about me and people judge me and think I’m a degenerate. I’ve worked for everything I have in life. I’m a 25 year old single woman who works hard everyday. I work full time in an office and the company I work for is great. They don’t make me cover my tattoos and I am respected as a person. I’ve met many people from all sorts of different walks of life, from random people coming up and asking me about my work or just striking up a conversation.  I’ve also had people ask to take pictures of my tattoos because they love the art. Often, I’m  asked how many tattoos I have, which I respond with “I stopped counting a long time ago.” However, people forget that I am a person and not just a canvas of art. They will come up grab my arm or body to see my tattoos and get a better look. My tattoos have never stopped me from doing anything in my life, I couldn’t imagine not having them.  I have plans to get many more in my future.