Maddie Mckenzie


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website_image_maddie_mckenzie-0003My name is Madeline Rose McKenna, I’m 21 years old and no, I do not have any rose tattoos. But, I do have a versatile collection going that I am proud to share. My very first tattoo was a simple lotus flower to represent turning 18 and growing out of a negative phase in my life. I chose to get this tattoo on the top of my forearm. I’ve been hired as a nanny, I’ve also worked in food service and customer service since I was 16, and my employers usually embraced a little individuality so I had the freedom to don my art while on the clock. Some website_image_maddie_mckenzie-0004customers stare while others make positive or rude remarks. I know I look intimidating to some, and despite stereotypes, I am often approached with my ink as a topic starter and it’s been a cool few years of sharing art and ideas with strangers. It’s neat to think website_image_maddie_mckenzie-0002that you can read people like a piece of fine art and wonder about their tattoos’ stories and hues.