Mark Stephens


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I was born on October 30th 1977 in Torrance California. My father was a deputy sheriff and my mother was a direct secretary for the supervisors of L.A. county. When I was 15 my parents retired and we moved from Southern California to a 20 acre ranch in North Idaho. At 18, I joined the Navy and was stationed in San Diego. I had the opportunity to travel to Guam, Singapore, Thailand, the Persian Gulf and Australia. I was married at 21 and started a family. At 25 I was getting a divorce and had no choice but to move back to Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho. It was at this time that I got my first two tattoo’s. On my left forearm I put the japanese symbol for “Love” and on my right forearm I put the symbol for “Peace”. Now, at almost 36 years old, I have over 80 hours of ink on me, including both sleeve’s and a side piece, and have, at the least, 20 more hours before all is complete. My body has become a canvass in which I tell the story of where my heart is headed.

My father is a two time gold medalist in the Police Olympics for boxing and at 8 years old he started my boxing lessons. At 15 I decided that, because I loved martial arts so much, I would start kick boxing. At 18 years old I became the first wrestler from my high school to ever win a state championship and later in life I moved all of this into doing MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). I had a couple pro fights under my belt when I finally decided that I wanted something a little more for myself and so I went back to school. I am currently enrolled in college as a Music Major. I am a local acoustic artist who plays shows all throughout Coeur D’ Alene and Spokane. Between going to school full time, working full time and being a musician, I still find time to raise my two wonderful children as a single full time dad. I truly believe that I live an absolutely blessed life.

Mark Stephens