Matt & Becky Dean


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My name is Becky Dean. I am 34 yrs old, I own a hair salon and I have been doing hair for 15 yrs. I got my 1st tattoo in beauty school when I was 19, it is a symbol that my two best friends, at the time, and I

website_image_matt_becky-0002got on our arms. Yes, we are all still very good friends.

The butterflies on my other arm came from my two instructors in beauty school, they gave me the nickname of Butterfly.

A few years later, I was married with two kids and made the one mistake no everyone knows not to make, a name tattoo…on my neck! It is now covered up with a cool heart and a song lyric that I quite identify with. On the other side of my neck is a tattoo I got In L.A. while doing a website_image_matt_becky-0003hair show, it was better than a post card.

On my right arm I have a cross dedicated to the day of my babtism, a song lyric taken from scripture that reminds me to be thankful for everything I have without forgetting who gave it to me, God. On my upper right arm is a Lotus flower that is big and and colorful, just how I love everything to be.

website_image_matt_becky-0004Last but not least I have a cartoon like blow dryer and scissors on my right hand, doing hair is my passion and I want everyone to know it!

My name is Matt Dean. I 34 yrs old, I am a furnace operator at Spokane Industries. My first tattoo is a four leaf clover on my left arm. I got it when I was 21 yrs old. Becky, who was just my girlfriend at the website_image_matt_becky-0005time, drew it for me and took me to get it.

The tattoos on my right arm I got in prison. the cards and dice represent the way I was always willing to gamble with my life. the martini glass is for the drinking that put me there. The woman is the type I was always going for but knew it was wrong for me. I plan to get that covered up in the very near future. The skull and crossbones represent death, where I would be had I not made a serious change in my life, Getting and staying sober.