Monica Rodriquez


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website_image_m_r-0001Monica Rodriguez (Moni)

Who am I? Well isn’t that the question of the century for everyone? Fortunately for this bio I actually know just who I am. I am first and foremost a mother of three, a wife, daughter, sister and website_image_m_r-0002granddaughter, auntie, sister in-law and daughter-in-law. Wow! That’s a lot isn’t it? Haha! Not really when family is your passion. However, I am not a big fan of washing the dishes which is part of being a mommy. With the good there has to be a little bad and if this is my bad I am doing good.

As for my profession I am currently a Real Estate Agent. A great profession for several reasons: it gives me the freedom to be with my children whenever necessary, I get to be outside… a lot, and I get to see so many people find either their starter home or lifetime home; how great is that!!!

Now we come to the dreaded tattoos that stir up so much controversy. As you can see my artwork, and yes it is artwork specially designed just for me per my request, are tropical, have at least three and are all touching. Let me explain:

The Hibiscus are my children one, two, three and are holding hands through the leaves bonding them for life. They are colorful and beautiful just like my children. The little blue butterfly is me! I am tending my ever blooming flowers. I chose Hibiscus because they are my daughter’s favorite flower and my boys love them too. Pretty and simple right, I think so.

The Manta Rays on my back and side are my favorite murine animal. Some call them the devils of the ocean, but they are among the most docile swimmers of all murine life. To me they are the angles of the ocean just like my children. If you take a good look at my tattoo you will see four Manta Rays all connected, bonded for life. The first one is me guiding my three little ones through life. My children and I love the water and if we could we would be in the warm ocean waters of Hawaii everyday possible.

So that’s a little about me and my tattoos, no strumpet, no street walker, no gal looking for attention, just a loving mom, wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, auntie, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, and career woman, Oh, Yeah, I attend church too!