Morgan Tolley


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website_image_morgan_tolley-0001Hi, my name is Morgan Michelle Tolley; I am a 30 year old single mother of two beautiful children. My children Jaelyn(12) and Ryan(6) are my world; my daughter has taught me how to be a real mother and my son has taught me that no matter what the situation is, stay strong and laugh. I am currently a student working towards my BA in a double major of marketing and communications, with strong hopes to work in the corporate world. After working ten years as a pastry chef, I decided that baking; even though my strong suit, was not where my heart was.

I currently reside with my brother (Beau) who is my very best friend, and my children. After a 14 year relationship with my children’s father failed, I decided that moving in with the best person I know (well besides my mom) was the best option. I have since gone through several trials and co-tribulations; however, I know that staying a strong woman for my children is the best and only option. This last year has been by far the hardest in my entire life; left a 14 year abusive relationship, lost my job, found my child hood sweetheart, lost my child hood sweet heart(well for the mean time), dropped out of school, restarted school, lost 57 pounds, and I can honestly say that through it all I have learned so much. Becoming an independent, stronger female, and mother, was well worth it.

I have several people that I spend my free time with; however, it is usually my children. My mother who has taught me that daughters are really just young woman that grow-up to be their mother’s best friends. This woman is my rock; without her I am not sure what I would do. She has taught me how to represent for a woman, and how no matter what happens in one’s life, be you and if they do not like it flip them the finger. I have one childhood best friend that I have been best friends with for over 25 years; Jennifer. Her and her children are an extremely large portion of my life and we spend a large amount of time together. I have several other besties(this is what I like to call my crew so-to-speak); Katie, Alice, Ciara, Sierra, and Aleshia. I think that if I asked these important woman in my life to explain who I am in one word they might say “b****” and then laugh. Although they would turn around and tell you that I have the biggest most giving heart, and would do anything for them at the drop of a dime. These are all people that I cause troubles with, and cry with at the same time.

I love music, it has been a large part of my life my entire life; I use it for everything. I love to dance, listen to music, bake, swim, play games, shop, and have recently became interested in working out: Running really clears your mind, body and soul. I also love to shoot; it is something I have done from childhood, and one of the only reasons my family can get me to go camping.

On my 18th birthday I got my very first tattoo; a black rose that represents my dad. My entire family went for my tattoo and my older brother and father got a tattoo at the same time. It is a family tradition to get tattoos as soon as you turn 18. My dad has called me Elvira Beaudean since I was born and my rose is a rose that Elvira has. My second tattoo had to what awhile because I found out I was pregnant right after getting my first tattoo. Needless to say my next tattoo was a butterfly with my daughter’s name. My next tattoo was a tattoo that was done for my 19th birthday from my mom and dad; I went to get butterflies to cover the entire tops of my feet and the tattoo artist talked me out of it and I now have 3 paws on top of each of my feet. When my little brother turned 18; both my brothers and myself got a‘t’ to represent our last name. The best part about this tattoo is that it comes from the movie Alien vs. Predator, it is what the Alien burns in the woman’s face at the end of the movie. The next tattoo I got was for my son Ryan, who we call Ryno; it is his name with two baby rhinos. I have two cancer ribbons in the shape of butterflies; one for my mother who has beat breast cancer twice, and one for my 15 year old nephew who beat leukemia. I also have the Japanese symbol for courage; this symbol is for my mom, my nephew, my aunt Tina, and me, basically a daily reminder of what courage brings. My sister Aleshia bought me my next tattoo for my birthday and it is a white butterfly on my back; the most painful tattoo I have and one of my most favorites. I had my daughters hand replica tatted on my right shoulder when she was in the fourth grade, she always making me take pictures of her hands in the shape of a heart and one of the pictures was flawless, so I got it done. My next tattoo was to represent my pastry chef days and the love I had for my children’s father. It is a cupcake with a sweetheart candy with 143(which means I love you, in pager days). I started my arm shortly after; my left shoulder and now down to my elbow has daisy’s. The daisy is an inside joke because my brother’s names are Beau and Luke (Dukes of Hazard). In the middle of the daisy’s I have a best friend tattoo with Jennifer; it is a cartoon version of her and I on the first day of school. My next tattoo is a memorial tattoo to the most important, strong, and independent woman I have ever known; my grandmother Isabelle. It is a constant reminder that I come from strong line of females. My next tattoo is for my grandma, my mother, myself, my daughter, and any other female to come into our line of woman. I have Miss B***** tattooed on my feet as well. My mother has b****, with a rolling pin, and my already 12 year old daughter talks about turning 18 and getting her ink. It is somewhat of a family tradition, and in no way is disrespectful or meant to be. My final tattoos are dedicated to a special person that has helped me get through the last year, kept a smile on my face, and I can honestly say is the person I plan to spend the rest of my life with; I have a heart with a locket and his name. I vowed to never place a man’s name on my body until I knew he was more than just the one. Without him I cannot function, he is my destiny.

Most of my tattoos are in dedication of someone and or have meaning; I love body art and respect everyone’s opinion. However, life is a struggle, there is going to be ups, and downs, why not live it to your fullest. Everyday woman wake up and put on make-up, dress to impress, well I choose to add body art. I LOVE TATTOOS!!!!!!