Opal McDougall


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website_image_opal_mcdougall-0001Opal, Est. 1981. “I have always loved tattoos, in fact I designed my first tattoo at 5 yrs old.  I don’t think it was ever used by anyone.  I got my first piece at 17, and the artist tried to talk me out of it saying it was too large for my first time.  Now I have 9 pieces finished and ideas for lots more.  Each one of my tattoos has a special meaning to me, a story to tell.  My body is my temple and this is how I choose to decorate it.  I became a tattoo artist in 2009.  I started tattooing because I love art and also I think most tattoo artists charge way too much.

1st tattoo- right ankle  vines and butterfly.  the vine signifies the trappings of youth, and the butterfly is me starting to fly on my own.

2nd piece- right shoulder lettering O.N.E my initials and I’m the first born.  Double meaning there, double cool.

website_image_opal_mcdougall-00033rd- butterfly on my leg.  The ever important Best Friend tattoo.

4th- Lower Back. Schmetterling means butterfly in German. it is done in my mom’s hand writing

5th- left ankle.  Audrey 2 (little shop of horror) this is the also important sister tat with my little sister

6,7,8 were all done at the same time upper back and neck  A bouquet of flowers with a lady bug, also a dragon fly on one side of my neck and a butterfly on the opposite side underneath the flowers is a website_image_opal_mcdougall-0002banner with my husband and children (and mine) last name. For the love of my family that is always growing

9 left wrist   Ambigram faith and hope because you need a lot of both in life  this is also my first tattoo from myself on myself.