Ricky & Erica Morales


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Ricky and Erica Morales

We are Ricky, 28 and Erica, 26 Morales. We have been together for 10 years and married for 5 years. Our sons name is Ricardo Koda Morales Jr. He is 8 years old. We had our son very young but always made the best of it. We started out as 18 and 20 year old parents no idea what we were doing, but now I, Erica, am a general manager in the food industry and Ricky is a phlebotomist. for a company that website_image_ricky_m-0001helps make medicine for the sick.

We spend our free time doing things together, from camping, boating, or fishing to family vacations. With our busy schedules we always try to make time together a priority.

Ricky has always liked tattoos and started his tribal sleeve before we met. He never planned on having children but once he had Koda he was so proud he went out the next week and got Koda’s footprints tattooed. He decided to dedicate his other arm to his son so is when the letter blocks came spelling out his name.

I always wanted our sons name tattooed on me but wasn’t sure how or what I wanted, until Koda learn to write his name. I figured what better font then my own sons hand writing. This way when he grows older I’ll always have something to remember him growing up