Sam Klump


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Name: Samantha Klump

Age: 34

Education: AAS Business Mgmt, Business Marketing

Employment: McDonald’s Since 1994

Job Title: General Manager

About me: Single mother of three beautiful girls, Jasmine 14, Mia 9, Chloe 6. Love my kids tremendously and spending time with them. I love dancing and being active with my kids. Growing up I had a rough childhood and had to move out of that environment when I was 14. I was determined to finish high school so I did that while holding down a full time job so that I could pay my bills. I am an outgoing individual. I love to laugh and smile and I am also the best friend anyone could ask for.


#1: A rose with moon and stars on my right ankle. I did this tattoo myself when I was 14. I was on my own and felt like I was the rose booming in life.

#2: Dolphins on my left calf. Jasmine was my first child born and the love of my life so I had this on done. One dolphin for her and one dolphin for me kissing.

#3: Betty Boop on my right arm. Betty Boop has been a figure I have loved since I was little so I wanted a piece of her with me always.

#4: Fairy on the center of my back. This fairy is a mixed fairy. She is kind of good and bad and at this point in my life it represented the struggles I was having. Good part of me was hidden.

#5: Butterfly Heart on my left arm. I really started to heal myself from the problems and struggles in my life so I got this butterfly to show that I can get out of that cocoon I was in.

#6: Flower/Evelyn on my left ankle. Evelyn was a huge part of my life and the best friend anyone could ask for. I got this tattoo so I could remember how we had a wonderful connection for life.

#7: Pink Stars on both back shoulders. These stars were probably my favorite ones to get done. Stars to me represent new and happy. They are bright and colorful like myself.

#8: Gemini on my right top foot. This is my sister tattoo. My oldest sister and I have been separated for 16 years and I have missed her dearly. We finally re-connected. Due to the fact she lives out of state. I wanted something that would connect us for life. We are both born in June so we are Gemini’s. I love stars and she loves flowers so we added those as our personal touch.

#9: Colorful Butterflies on the top of my shoulders. There are 6 butterflies 3 on each side. These butterflies start close then open at the end. These butterflies represent people that are most dear to my life. The colors are for each person (they know who they are). I added the stars because they are the shooting stars of my life.

All of my tattoos have been chosen by me, even the colors. I have only designed 5 of my tattoos.