Project Descriptions

mariah_american_wallfrontI would like to thank you for having an interest in wanting to be apart of one or more of my projects. Some projects are specific to certain criteria and others are pretty open. Specific criteria could be a numerous of things like: looks (body type, hair color, ethnic groups, etc.), Possessions (anything the participant may own that would qualify for the project), locality, and more. Below you will find each project that is still open and I am still working on. There will be a description with each project of what it’s about and if it has a specific criteria. After reading about the projects and you are still interested in one or more you can contact me through my CONTACT PAGE and check the box(es) that correlate with the project(s) you are interested in. If the project does have specific criteria I may have you submit an image of yourself and or any object that would qualify you for that project along with any other information that might be needed. I would like to note that not all who contact me for projects will be accepted. I thank you again for your interest and hope to be able to meet you soon.


INKED: This project is an ongoing project. The only criteria for this is that you have tattoos. At this stage in the project though I do ask that that either a good portion of your body is covered or that the piece is large enough to be significant.

FREEDOM MACHINES: For this project the only requirement is that you own a motorcycle and are willing to be photographed with it. This project does require you to send me an image of your motorcycle beforehand so I have time to figure out the best way to photograph it and you.

SPORTS: My sports project is just that, all about sports. It doesn’t matter which sport just as long as we can photograph it. This is also a project I have just started so I don’t have a whole lot of images yet. The Sports I do have and don’t need at this time are as follows: Volleyball, Soccer, Fitness, Auto Racing. If you play a sport other than the four I just mentioned and would like to find some way to show it off please check the box that goes with this project on my contact us page.

PATRIOTIC: If you feel your a patriotic person and would like to be apart of this project all I require is a passion for this country and what it stands for. I am looking for all sorts of individuals to show the diversness of the people who occupy the land here. Here are a few ideas of how you might fit in this project. You might be in the military, live in the country, live in the city, your a cowboy or cowgirl, your an american business owner, you just flat out love this land, YOUR AN AMERICAN!!! See what I’m getting at here. The possibilities are endless so if you have a heart for this place we call home please join me to show our patriotism.

FACIAL FURS: This project is for those individuals who have decided to be patient enough to allow there beards and mustaches to grow and be awe inspiring to all of us men who are not patient enough. For this project I am looking for men with beards, mustaches, goatees, and soul patches and are willing to have them displayed for all to see. Your facial fur can be outrageously wild to trimmed and landscaped. I am looking for a wide array of looks here.